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3 hour diet app 3 hour diet app 3 hour diet app

3 Hour Diet App

Eating small portions every three hours is proven to help lose weight by keeping your metabolism up.

3 Hour Diet Reminder reminds you every 3 hours to eat and keeps track of how many meals you've eaten that day.

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Customer Reviews


Great timer easy to use.

Extremely useful.. Use daily

I love this app I always forget to eat. I'm a nursing student, a mother, I work and I'm trying to get back in shape. Remembering to eat is essential!


Keeping my metabolism in check has never been easier! Excellent that I can set a 2 hour reminder!

Perfect for what I needed

Easy to use & simple. Finally something worth buying.

Best $1 ever spent

I lost 12 pounds with a hour intense bodybuilding routine in a month. This app reminded me to eat and kept me motivated. Thank you! Buying it again as a tip :)

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