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3 hour diet app 3 hour diet app 3 hour diet app

3 Hour Diet App

The three keys to the three hour diet.

Eat breakfast within one hour of waking

Eat every three hours thereafter

Stop eating three hours before you go to bed

3 Hour Diet Reminder reminds you every 3 hours to eat and keeps track of how many meals you've eaten that day.

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Customer Reviews


Great timer easy to use.

Extremely useful.. Use daily

I love this app I always forget to eat. I'm a nursing student, a mother, I work and I'm trying to get back in shape. Remembering to eat is essential!


Keeping my metabolism in check has never been easier! Excellent that I can set a 2 hour reminder!

Perfect for what I needed

Easy to use & simple. Finally something worth buying.

Best $1 ever spent

I lost 12 pounds with a hour intense bodybuilding routine in a month. This app reminded me to eat and kept me motivated. Thank you! Buying it again as a tip :)

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